Our Services

As Pet Parents we all realize that a Pet’s loyalty and love is rivaled by few, and like all of our loved ones, we want them to be memorialized and cared for when they pass just like any other member of our family.

Here at Tall Pines, we are able to help provide this compassionate and final service for your Pet, through cremation, following the human model of end of life services.

From the time we receive notification from your veterinarian, until the time we return your Pet’s cremains in our hand carved rosewood urn, we take extra care to make sure that a strict and accurate tracking system is put into place. Rest assured that your Pet will never leave the custody of Tall Pines.

Cremation is a process. With any process there are multiple steps, and to ensure care and accuracy, cremation takes time. Our promise to you is that we will make every effort to return your Pet’s cremains to your veterinarian within 72 hours. Do note however, that if you have decided to customize or personalize your urn or other memorialization keepsake, that this timeline may take just a little longer.

As a part of our service, Tall Pines includes the following for all of our Ash Return cremations:

  • ✓ Removal of your Pet from the veterinarian’s clinic
  • ✓ Cremation Service
  • ✓ Complimentary rosewood urn (Other memorialization products can be purchased on our site)
  • ✓ Cremation certificate with your Pet’s name and cremation number
  • ✓ Return of your Pet’s cremains to the veterinarian’s office

**To show our appreciation for police and service dogs, Tall Pines does offer free cremation services for those Pets with proof of service.