Why should I select Tall Pines Pet Services?

Because… Tall Pines is owned and operated by Pet Parents such as yourself.  We treat every single Pet with the respect and dignity that they deserve, and operate with an open door policy, encouraging you to schedule a visit to our state of the art facility.  With a mission to provide the most compassionate and reliable service in our industry, you can always be assured that your pet’s cremains will be returned and in a prompt manner.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process by which a body is returned to its natural state by placing the remains inside a cremation chamber, where they are reduced to their basic elements. After a period in which the cremated remains cool, they are then collected and the fragments are processed into a much finer material.  The cremains are then carefully collected and placed inside the designated urn.

How long is the cremation process?

Each cremation takes approximately 3 hours, with additional time for cooling afterwards.

When will I receive my Pet’s cremains?

If ash return is requested, we make every effort to return the cremains within 72 hours.  However, if a specialized urn or other keepsake is requested, then the return may take a little longer.

Do I need to purchase an urn for my pet?

When you choose to have your Pet’s ashes returned, Tall Pines will provide you with an elegant rosewood urn as a part of our service.  If you choose, you may also purchase a different urn or memorialization keepsake for your Pet on our website.

Can my Veterinarian help?

Yes- Just ask your veterinarian to notify Tall Pines Pet Services, and we will schedule the removal, cremation and return of your Pet’s cremains to their office.